Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions about the way Childcare Vouchers work, you may be able to find answers to your queries in our FAQs below. 

Joining and Managing the scheme

1. What are Childcare Vouchers?

Childcare Vouchers enable working parents to pay for their childcare, benefiting from savings of about £1,000. Employees buy the vouchers (usually through a salary sacrifice scheme) for up to £55 per week or £243 a month, depending on circumstances. They save money because the vouchers are exempt from tax and NI. The childcare parents use the vouchers to pay for must be registered or approved.

2. How do I join the scheme?

Most parents receive Childcare Vouchers that are exempt from tax and National Insurance (giving them huge savings).  In order to accept these vouchers you need to hold a valid registration or approval certificate before affiliating.  Find out more and join the scheme.

3. I do not have registration or approval with any of the bodies listed – what should I do?

Simply apply to the registration body that applies to you. See a list of registrations bodies.

4. What type of vouchers will I receive?

Parents can pay you with electronic or paper Childcare Vouchers, depending on the scheme their employer operates.  If you receive paper vouchers you can redeem them, either online or by post, to get paid. Electronic vouchers automatically transfer money to you, according to how you chose to be paid when you joined the scheme. 

5. How will I receive payment?

We will issue payment either by direct bank transfer (BACS) or cheque, dependant on the payment type you select when joining. Bank transfers (BACS) take up to 3 working days to credit your bank account.  To help you keep track of payments, each one has a unique reference which is displayed on your bank statement.

6. When will I receive payment?

If a parent pays you with electronic vouchers, we will issue payment to you on the next working day after the parent requests payment online. If you are paid by bank transfer (BACS), parents should make their online payment requests at least 4 working days before the money is required in your bank account.

We issue payment for paper voucher claims on the next working day after receipt of postal claims. If you submit paper voucher claims online, we will issue payment on the next working day for any claims submitted by 14:00. 

7. What information do I need to give the parent?

You only need to provide your Edenred Account Number (begins with a P) to a parent that wishes to pay you with vouchers. Parents paying you with electronic Childcare Vouchers will need this to request payment to you. You will be issued with this number once you are successfully affiliated with Edenred.

a. Registration/approval status Before enrolling in their employer's scheme a parent that wishes to pay you with childcare vouchers may ask for confirmation of your registration or approval status.  
b. Affiliation details If you are not already affiliated with Edenred to receive Childcare Vouchers, a parent may ask you to complete an affiliation request.

8. Does the parent need my bank details?

No. To issue you with a payment with electronic Childcare Vouchers, parents only need your Edenred Account Number. Edenred will issue a payment according to your preferred payment type when you joined the scheme.

9. How can I amend the details you hold?

You can inform us of any changes to your payment or contact details by contacting us, quoting your Edenred Account Number and detailing the required amendment(s). 

Questions about reimbursment

10. Do I need a computer to claim/receive payment?

No, you do not need a computer to claim or receive payment.

Electronic Childcare Voucher payments are issued automatically once the parent requests payment online.

You only need to make a 'claim' for paper Childcare Vouchers.  This can be done online or via post.  Each payment is issued automatically once the claim has been received.

11. How can I access my online account?

Log on and use your Edenred Account Number, username and password which we will issue to you once you have affiliated.


12. How do I redeem paper vouchers?

You can redeem paper vouchers quickly and easily online or complete a Claim Form and redeem the vouchers via post.


13. Do I need a separate account for paper and electronic vouchers?

No. You only need a single Edenred account to receive payments form all parents who wish to pay you with Edenred Childcare Vouchers.

14. Do I need a separate account for each parent?

No. You only need a single Edenred account to receive payments from all parents who wish to pay you with Edenred Childcare Vouchers.

15. How do I know who a payment is from?

A payment from Edenred may be made up of more than one claim and/or parent payment.  Each payment has a unique reference (PY) which is displayed on your bank statement.  Edenred issues a remittance advice for each payment (which you can choose to receive via email or in the post), which provides details of each individual claim and/or parent payment.  The 'Statement' page on your Childcare Vouchers account also contains details of the individual parent payments associated with a payment.

16. What can I do if a parent pays me too much?

You can carry the credit forward to your next invoice or credit the amount they have paid via other means. If they have given you too many paper vouchers, you can return them to the parent.  Voucher payments cannot be transferred back to the parent once they have been issued.

17. What happens if the vouchers I send for reimbursement are lost in the post?

If you have not received payment for vouchers which you have submitted with a Claim Form, please contact us.  We may still issue payments to you based on a fax or photocopy of the voucher stubs.  Please allow at least 5 working days before following up a missing payment.

18. Why do you recommend payment by bank transfer (BACS) rather than cheque?

With bank transfers (BACS) there is no chance payment will be slowed by postal delays.

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