How do Edenred Childcare Vouchers work?

The process of receiving and paying with our Childcare Vouchers is designed to be simple and straightforward for both employers and employees.

Important note: unfortunately, the Government closed the Childcare Vouchers scheme to new entrants on 4th October 2018. This means that, if you’re a parent looking to join Childcare Vouchers for the first time, that option is no longer available to you. The information here is for existing Childcare Voucher scheme members only.

Your online Childcare Vouchers account

Childcare Vouchers are usually provided electronically via an online account.  Shortly before the pay day on which you are due to receive your vouchers, your employer will advise Edenred of the value of vouchers to be provided to you.

On or around payday, your account will be credited with your chosen value of Childcare Vouchers.  Vouchers are not tied to a particular carer, and do not have to be used straight away, so you have the flexibility to manage your account ­as you so wish. You can even accrue a balance of vouchers to be used in the future if required.

Any value of vouchers up to your account balance can be transferred to your childcare provider at any time, so if you pay different amounts or multiple childcare providers this can be accommodated with ease.

Setting up your childcare provider

You can transfer vouchers to any childcare provider who is affiliated with Edenred.  Contact your childcare provider to establish if they have accepted Edenred vouchers before.  If they have then ask them for their Edenred account number, which will begin with the letter 'P'. If your childcare provider has not accepted our vouchers before, they can affiliate online here

When they apply they will need to provide a copy of their registration certificate to us so that we can validate their application. Once a childcare provider's application has been validated we will issue them an account number, which begins with the letter 'P', which they should communicate to you.

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